March 23, 2022

Understanding Assisted Living

Families comparing their choices for senior living are often concerned about things like care, community maintenance, and quality of life. Many also fear they might be sending their loved ones into a place that won’t care for their cherished family in a way they would like. While understandable, these fears could not be farther than the truth for Hellenic Senior Living by ASL. When evaluating living options, it is important to begin with an understanding of what assisted living actually means.

1. Assisted Living communities are quite different from nursing homes.
Nursing homes and other skilled nursing facilities are for seniors with chronic health issues requiring skilled care provided by registered nurses or therapists. On the contrary, in an assisted living community, you’ll just get the care you need to make daily life easier. Whether you need help with medication, assistance in getting to and from activities, or additional checks on your welfare, an assisted living community will provide you with care tailored to your unique situation.

2. Assisted living is more affordable than you might think.
Our communities are designed for seniors that need some assistance with their expenses. In fact, our assisted living communities are often similar to your expenses at home; when you combine rent, dining, home upkeep and personal support expenses such as at-home care, our communities are often similar in cost or a better alternative.

3. Residents maintain autonomy over their day.
Assisted living communities offer many activities and choices for things to do throughout the day, but no one is ever required to attend. You will still have the freedom to choose how you’d like to spend your days, and that includes enjoying your meals when you want to eat and leaving the community to participate in favorite activities. The wonderful thing about assisted living communities is that you stay in charge, but we offer you a full array of options for activities and the community of residents to keep you socially engaged.

4. An Assisting Living community is truly a home.
Assisted living communities are set up like an apartment complex. You will be able to have your own unit and furnish it in a way that makes you comfortable and is truly your home. You will only have visitors when you want them, and no one will just enter your apartment without knocking and getting prior consent. Assisted living communities are set up to provide you with support, on a schedule that works for you and helps you to maintain your privacy.

5. Assisted living communities help their residents live life to the fullest.
Assisted living communities simply provide you with a bit of support so that you can maintain your independence and live life the way you’d like. In fact, there are so many options for fellowship with other community members, and so many activities, that life is enhanced, not diminished. Assisted living communities have evolved to serve the needs of active older adults. They take away the stresses of daily life so residents can truly live life to the fullest. Most importantly, assisted living communities provide a sense of community with other older adults so that the loneliness that often accompanies aging is diminished.