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Since 1980, non-profit AHEPA Senior Living (ASL) strives to provide safe and dignified affordable housing and quality aging services to seniors. This mission-driven commitment to service and excellence has never wavered and continues to be proven and trusted throughout ASL’s communities.

Today, approximately 5,000 seniors in 91 ASL properties nationwide live vibrant and full lives in beautiful and safe surroundings. From passionate ASL staff and exceedingly committed AHEPA family volunteers to engaging and educational community activities, thoughtful culinary options, and peer-to-peer relationships, AHEPA Senior Living provides its residents with the affordable independent or assisted residential apartment-home living environment they need to thrive.


To provide older adults with safe, healthy, and enriching affordable residential communities and quality services that allow them to thrive and enjoy peace of mind.


To be at the forefront of creating exceptional communities and providing quality aging services, allowing older adults to live full, meaningful lives at home and as valued members of their communities.


Our communities and employees are guided by the attentive relationship with the residents and families we serve. We are proactive, and always listen respectfully, honestly, and kindly. Inspired by the Greek spirit of meraki, our ethos embodies a commitment to service, excellence, and philanthropy in everything we do.

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As a mission-driven organization with roots in giving back to the community, our focus is on our residents, their families, and the communities in which we live and serve. Since 1996, AHEPA Senior Living has supported nonprofits to an amount that exceeds $9 million. We have contributed to nonprofits that provide service dogs for veterans, provide services to survivors of domestic violence, advance opportunities for access to education, bolster critical at-home nutritional services for vulnerable seniors, support programs that empower women, and provide comprehensive vision care support for the blind and visually impaired communities. Help us to continue to make a difference.

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