AHEPA Senior Living’s thoroughly trained team of professionals constantly monitors the ever-changing governmental rules and regulations governing federally funded and tax credit properties.

ASL currently maintains a diverse portfolio consisting of HUD Section 8/202, HUD 202 PRAC, HUD 811 PRAC, HUD Section 8/202 with Tax Credits, HUD 202 PRAC with Tax Credit, and HUD 202 PRAC with HOME.

Compliance with these programs consist of HUD regulations along with these listed State Agencies. The compliance department along with the regional manager and property manager work closely with all authorities to ensure that the property meets their compliance responsibilities. We continue to stay apprised of current revisions in compliance regulations.

The compliance staff have their Tax Credit Specialist certifications and IHCDA RHTC required training. All compliance personnel hold at least a Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS) Certification with HUD.

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As a mission-driven organization with roots in giving back to the community, our focus is on our residents, their families, and the communities in which we live and serve. Since 1996, AHEPA Senior Living has supported nonprofits to an amount that exceeds $9 million. We have contributed to nonprofits that provide service dogs for veterans, provide services to survivors of domestic violence, advance opportunities for access to education, bolster critical at-home nutritional services for vulnerable seniors, support programs that empower women, and provide comprehensive vision care support for the blind and visually impaired communities. Help us to continue to make a difference.

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