December 13, 2023

Developing Senior Living: AHEPA’s Commitment to Affordability and Quality


Imagine a place where your golden years are embraced with dignity and grace, where every corner resonates with stories of life well lived. This is the vision AHEPA Senior Living (ASL) brings to its communities. We live in a time where the challenges of aging are often met with apprehension. We at ASL understand many of the issues older Americans face and work to balance affordability and exemplary living standards for our residents. However, as the population of those over 65 continues to grow, so does our need for quality senior housing. In this blog post, we’ll look at a few of our recent projects as well as our future plans to continue expanding our services to meet the needs of older Americans.


Des Moines Development

In December 2023, ASL celebrated the groundbreaking of AHEPA 192 IV Apartments in Des Moines, Iowa. This $23.5 million, fourth-phase development, built on the historical grounds of the old Southridge Mall, represents more than just a construction milestone; it symbolizes our commitment to the community by expanding our footprint in affordable senior housing.

This project is not merely adding units; it’s about fulfilling a growing demand for dignified, safe senior living spaces. The development is more than a construction project; it’s a study of patience, perseverance, and passion. Each phase represents a deep understanding of the needs of older Americans and the community of Des Moines, Iowa. This project, when completed, will offer more than just a place to live; it will provide a nurturing environment that fosters independence, community engagement, and a sense of belonging.

Our vision for all our communities expands beyond brick and mortar. It includes a range of services and activities designed to enrich the lives of our residents. From health and wellness programs to social events and community involvement opportunities, we understand that the quality of senior living hinges on a holistic approach to care and community.


Revitalizing Alabama Communities

In another stride toward bettering senior living, ASL undertook a groundbreaking initiative in Mobile, Alabama. The closure of a $25.18 million deal to revitalize three properties marked our initial foray into U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Rental Assistance Demonstration program for project rental assistance contracts conversion (RAD for PRAC). This ambitious project will transform AHEPA 310 Phases V, VI, and VII Apartments, breathing new life into these communities with extensive renovations funded through tax-exempt bonds, tax credits, and a HUD mortgage loan.

Again, our vision for these communities extends beyond mere refurbishment. It’s about elevating the living experience for seniors, ensuring they are housed and provided with an environment that dignifies their golden years. The renovations will revamp the physical structures and rejuvenate the community spirit, embedding modern amenities and upgraded facilities into residents’ daily lives.

Undertaking such extensive renovations while ensuring uninterrupted quality of life for current residents poses a unique challenge. It’s a delicate balance between progress and preservation, requiring meticulous planning and execution. While it will be difficult, we are striving to make improvements with minimal disruption to the daily lives of residents.


A Commitment to Community

A steadfast commitment to the community is at the core of all our projects, not just the ones in Des Moines and Mobile. Each development and renovation is a step toward fostering an environment where seniors can connect, engage, and find a sense of belonging. These developments are not just about providing shelter; they are about creating communities where seniors can continue to grow, learn, and contribute.

The challenge here isn’t just erecting buildings or managing properties. It’s about creating environments where older Americans can thrive and constructing communities that provide a vibrant, supportive, and engaging lifestyle. This requires a delicate balancing act, blending the practicalities of affordable housing development with the nuances of creating a nurturing and fulfilling living experience for our residents.


The Role of Community and Empowerment

Central to our philosophy is community – not just within the walls of their developments but extending into the broader society. Our communities are designed to be hubs of social interaction and cultural enrichment, encouraging residents to engage with each other and the world around them. This fosters a sense of belonging and purpose, crucial elements in the well-being of older Americans.

Recently, the AHEPA 100 Apartments in South Bend, Indiana as well as the Penelope 60 Apartments in Mishawaka, Indiana, took part in a joint Fall Health Fair for residents. The community came together to support the fair as 21 local vendors shared their knowledge with our residents. While putting this together was no small feat, both residents and vendors gave positive feedback and felt the event brought them all closer as a community.

Moreover, South Bend is where we have been awarded a second phase. We project to close the deal in the second quarter of 2024.


Partnerships and Collaborations

Our success in creating these vibrant communities is not a solo endeavor. It involves collaborations with various stakeholders – from government agencies and financial partners to local communities and healthcare providers. These partnerships are vital in pooling resources, expertise, and support, ensuring that ASL communities are well integrated and supported within their local contexts.

Leadership also plays a crucial role in shaping the future of senior living, and our recent hiring of Rory Neubrander as Vice President of Development is a pivotal move to bolster our development team. With over two decades of experience in affordable housing, Mr. Neubrander’s appointment should help enhance our portfolio through strategic development and rehabilitation of properties.

His role will be crucial in navigating the complex terrain of affordable housing development, striking a balance between innovation and the organization’s longstanding values. The challenge here is not just in the development of new communities but in ensuring these spaces align with ASL’s mission of enriching senior lives.



In a society where older Americans are often overlooked, our vision is a world in which every senior citizen is valued and treated with dignity. Everyone can play a role in this vision – by supporting policies that prioritize senior care, contributing to the conversation on aging, or simply spreading awareness of the remarkable work that organizations like ASL are doing. Together, we can ensure that the golden years of our seniors are filled with respect, joy, and a sense of belonging.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can help develop our next project, please contact us or visit our Development webpage.