June 29, 2022

Making a Difference

AHEPA Service Coordinators Provide Care, Confidence, and Comfort

We have the daily honor of aiding and assisting our residents who are navigating new ways of living and personal and environmental changes. At times, many of our residents find these changes to be disorienting, but we’re always happy to step in and lend a helping hand or an ear to listen. Recently, a few of our residents experienced some challenges, and our caring Service Coordinators (SC) happily jumped at the opportunity to provide help.

Keeping Up in an Ever-Changing World

A resident of an AHEPA affordable housing community in Texas informed his service coordinator that he was consistently late paying hisBest Senior Living Communities electric bill, and his electricity had been disconnected twice. The resident was distressed, and the situation had begun to take a toll on his self-esteem. When our SC found out about the resident’s plight, she was quick to provide reassurance and encouragement to the gentleman. She also immediately began to educate the resident on money management. She patiently assisted him with setting up budget billing with his utility company so that he would know exactly how much his monthly bill would be. She also helped the resident set up automatic bill pay so his payments would be on time every month.

By making these small but impactful changes, the resident avoided lease violations and even possible eviction with power disconnection. Because of the care and compassion of our dedicated staff, this resident can remain in his apartment and continue to age in place.


Dignity and Quality Care for All

During a new resident assessment at one of our communities, our service coordinator discovered the state had condemned the new resident’s previous home for its unsanitary conditions, and he was only allowed to take his medications and clothing. The gentleman was out of options and stayed at a shelter for a month while on the waiting list for an AHEPA community. The resident also confided in our SC that he had no food, clothes, money, or furniture.

Upon hearing this, his SC immediately sprang into action to assist. To start, she began calling the two nearest grocery stores, explained the situation, and submitted letters on behalf of the resident. The SC secured $200 in gift cards for him to purchase food and other necessary personal items. She also contacted a local food pantry and picked up several bags of food and toiletries for the resident, and she didn’t stop there! Wanting to help him feel more at home, she contacted several churches and Goodwill locations in the area for household items and furniture donations.

Because of the SC’s passion for quality care and dignity for all, our resident was given a new bed, sofa, and other home items. While many of us take everyday things like this for granted, to an older person in need without other options, these items are their link to security, comfort, and dignity.

Passion for People

While it may sound cliché, caring for others is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to creating safe, healthy, and inviting communities for our residents and providing them with the tools and help they need to age in place.

If you or a loved one are interested in affordable housing or assisted living, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about our communities.