October 5, 2022

AHEPA Provides Personalized Care

At AHEPA Senior Living, we are passionate about connecting with every single resident who
entrusts us to provide them care. However, providing unparalleled personalized care doesn’t
come without the occasional challenge, as one of our Service Coordinators (SC) in Indiana found
herself on the first day at her new location. Despite any obstacles, our staff is determined to
ensure everyone is given the attention and care they deserve!

When an SC in Indiana entered her new position, she was immediately greeted by a resident
who had long been refusing services and medical care, despite efforts by both the Property
Manager (PM) and Quality Assurance Manager. The SC knew this resident would be
challenging, but she was up to the task.

The SC decided to spend more time working with the resident, but the resident resisted the
care. She would regularly shut the door, make rude remarks, and argue with the SC upon every
interaction. These actions led our SC to believe that the resident had been struggling
emotionally, but it didn’t stop the SC from engaging with the resident.

Building New Habits

Long-standing issues with the resident stemmed from the inspection process, where the PM
would regularly give her referrals for hygiene and housekeeping issues. To break the old habits,
the SC decided it would be best to meet with the resident more often. The SC began to
schedule times to work together, but the resident often missed the appointments.

Even without these meetings, the resident would typically address issues and pass reinspection.
The SC knew this routine was not sustainable and continued to press further upstream to find
the root cause.

Over time, our dedicated SC learned from the resident that her family was not part of her life,
which led her to resist support from anyone. After about a year, the SC and PM had gained the
resident’s trust enough to speak about her family – her children had abandoned her, and she
felt powerless. Together, they discussed her health; she agreed to resume treatments, work on
her hygiene and keep up with her home. They got her into a group for parents with estranged
children, a companion animal, and a medical transportation card, and she began attending
resident association events – things were turning around!

Then in April 2020, the COVID-19 global pandemic hit, and people across the globe had to
rethink what day-to-day life would look like, and we were no different. While we reworked our
routines to ensure the safety and wellness of all, this resident fell back to her old habits. She
again failed an inspection, but this time she didn’t pass upon reinspection. Since the failed
inspections were a reoccurring problem, she was given an eviction notice.

Lending a Helping Hand

The SC worked with the resident and other staff, where it was determined that a new start
might be the best thing for the resident’s long-term health and wellbeing. With this in mind, the
SC was able to secure a transfer to another location for the resident.

A little after the transfer, the SC reached out to the staff at the resident’s new location. While
she was still reserved, the new team had reported no hygiene or housekeeping issues! The
resident participates in community events and is on a stable health plan.

Because of this SC’s hard work and determination, the resident is in a much better place
emotionally. The SC still thinks about and checks in on the resident from time to time, providing
the unparalleled care that only AHEPA Senior Living can.